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For Protecting Hearing and Sports Safe

YouthWhisper bone conduction headphones with open-ear design transmits the sound through your cheekbones, so you don't need to insert the earphones into your ears. And It is lightweight and comfortable to wear, suitable for people who need to wear headphones for a long time. The open-ear design allows you to keep situation awareness. On top of that, bone conduction headphones is the best headphones for hearing protection.

Lightweight Body

They are lightweight so you can wear them running and not feel them at all! The Lite version weighs 0.88oz, which is the lightest bone conduction headphones. The Pro version weighs 1.06oz.

Long Battery Life

YouthWhisper bone conduction headphones built-in lithium battery, supports standby time 20 days, music play 6 hours or talking 8 hours.


The bone conduction headphones with titanium headband and soft silicone support you comfortable wear all day.

YouthWhisper Pro Collection

Lightweight | Comfort | Sweat-proof | Long battery Life

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