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2021 Best Bone Conduction Headphones - YouthWhisper

by Skye Xiao on October 12, 2021

Fashion Color YouthWhisper Bone conduction headphones

American-based bone conduction headphone manufacturers YouthWhisper deliver a series of bone conduction headsets available in various fashionable colors at a budget-friendly price point. YouthWhisper’s headphones are designed for use while performing sporting and exercise activities; however, casual listening and office use is possible here.

The incredibly lightweight titanium frame allows for use during any and all exercise or leisurely listening while maintaining a strong connection to your head to prevent shifting or falling. YouthWhisper’s bone conduction headset boasts a waterproof rating of IP54, making it appropriate to use if you tend to be a heavy sweater or even during light rain. 

YouthWhisper’s bone conduction headphones feature a large battery capacity – supplying 8 hours of phone calls or 6 hours of music on 2 hours of charge time. A pair of noise-canceling earplugs are included to minimize noise from the outside world if you prefer to listen to your music without interruption. As for sound quality, these bone conduction headphones do not offer anything special but sound just as good as any other bone conduction headset. The phone call quality is excellent on both the transmission and receiving ends. 

Overall, a great set of bone conduction headphones for those on a smaller budget looking for a great-sounding and long-lasting set. These headphones from YouthWhisper are highly versatile and promise to provide endless hours of enjoyable listening in any setting.